Training Opportunities

BICA offers a wide variety of training opportunities to meet your professional development needs. Trainings are typically offered:

  • Through BICA (often at the Goldstein Memorial Library in MN, some online options)
  • In conjunction with a conference or convention
  • Contracted by another organization or group (privately-contracted trainings may or may not be open to outside registrations)

BICA Certified Trainings are often flexible to meet your timeframe, budget and learning objectives.

BICA uses a three-phase model of training that promotes durable and sustainable outcomes for youth and maintains high levels of treatment fidelity (i.e., ensuring that interventions are implemented accurately over time).

Phase I: Awareness
Phase II: Application
Phase III: Independence

Training & Professional Development

BICA offers a wide variety of training opportunities to meet your professional development needs.

BICA Sponsored

Trainings through BICA (often at the Goldstein Memorial Library or online)


Trainings in conjunction with conferences and conventions


Trainings contracted by another organization or group (may or may not be open to outside registrations)

Our Most Popular Trainings

BICA Certified Training Options*

Learning Objectives Length of Training Description
Stage 1: Awareness Keynote
1-2 hour
The first phase of training involves providing participants with a rationale, understanding, and knowledge of training techniques and procedures. This knowledge is delivered using a variety of formats including didactic instruction, modeling, small group problem-solving activities, and simulations.
Stage 2: Application 1/2 to Full-Day
5 Day
During the second phase, training involves trainees receiving practice in the learned skills. The skills are reviewed and modeled by the trainer(s). Then, specific scenarios are presented and trainees practice implementing learned skills. Corrective feedback is provided by the trainer(s). In addition, other trainees, using the fidelity check sheets, rate each other on the thoroughness and correctness of implementation. This practice is an important first step toward building sustainability and treatment fidelity after training is eventually completed. Also during this phase, trainees generate case studies of youth displaying challenging behaviors. Trainees share these cases in small groups with a trainer serving as facilitator. The group brainstorms solutions for each case based on the skills learned. The facilitator provides feedback and more in-depth training on specific techniques when necessary.
Stage 3: Independence Full-day
Multi-week Course
During the final phase, trainees develop goals, objectives, and plans in conjunction with the trainer(s) for implementing the techniques. Using the fidelity check sheets, the trainer(s) observes the trainee implementing the techniques. The trainer shares the results of the check sheets with the trainees. The first several observations are scheduled and preplanned. However, an important component for sustainability is ensuring trainees use the techniques consistently and correctly. Therefore, subsequent observations by the trainer(s) occur randomly and spontaneously. In addition, all staff are taught to use the fidelity check sheets to ensure continued use of the techniques and procedures.
Trainer-of-Trainer 3-5-Day
Multi-week Course
* Varies based on the topic and background of participants

Feedback on our Trainings

I wanted to thank you again for taking time to lead the seminar on ADHD. The reports we have all received is that your remarks were thoughtful, useful and enormously helpful. Thanks for making it a highlight of the Annual Meeting.
Office of Administrative Hearings, MN
Very real situations presented and useful tools given. Great interaction with the group.
Robbinsdale Area Schools Adventure Club
Thank you very much! You were very informative and imparted to your audience the necessary tools and skills necessary to be successful. I especially enjoyed your composite of relative comic strips.
School Psychologist
Covina, CA
Your knowledge and ability to share it in meaningful, concrete and easy to understand ways is unmeasured!
Director of Special Education
St. Paul, MN
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